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FICIS is PC software that automates record-keeping and management operations in a fitness center. FICIS provides members with personalized fitness services and managers with detailed operations information in the following areas:

  • Individual Fitness Assessment

  • Personalized Exercise Prescriptions

  • Fitness Improvement Analysis

  • Member Activity Tracking

FICIS provides the following features:

  • Operates in a Windows OS environment. Ease of use, enhanced data entry - drop down boxes, look up tables, auto-fill in.

  • Networkable - multiple users can access records simultaneously for reports, data entry, etc.  Fitness and attendance records stored in same database, allowing immediate access to all data.

  • Prints personalized fitness profiles and progressive workout programs.

  • Individual and group fitness test comparisons can be based on all prior fitness tests or specific date range.

  • New fitness tests and corresponding norms - swimming, walking, rowing, running, etc.

  • Large selection of fitness tests, risk assessments, and goals.

  • Complete history for each member from first enrollment to current date in one report.

  • Aerobic activity or workout program performed can be tracked for each visit.

  • Option to include in exercise prescriptions the specific seat pin settings appropriate for each student on each weight machine.

  • Import student biographical data, enrollment records, and course master records.

  • Carry over student biographical data from term to term.

  • Export report data into other formats (ASCII, tab/comma delimited, Excel, Lotus, RTF)

  • Reports filters for creating custom reports.

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