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Log In is a PC-based attendance and activity tracking system for any type of open-entry/open exit class or lab environment. Labs such as Academic Skills, Reading, Language, ESL, Disabled Student Services, Tutoring, Math, English, Fitness Centers, and Educational Computing, use Log In everyday to track visits and attendance.

Participants who use the lab key-in or scanner-swipe their IDs at the Log In computer when they enter and exit the facility. Log In tracks their attendance and provides reports such as:

  • Class Lists with Participant Visit Totals

  • Individual Participant Visit History

  • Visit and Time Totals for All Participants

  • Participant Demographics

  • Visit Total by Activity

  • Final Grades (calculated by Log In when based on visit or time totals)
  • Hourly and Daily Use Statistics by Lab or Course

  • All Visits on a Selected Date

  • Mailing Labels

  • Positive Attendance Report

  • List of Participants Currently in the Lab

Log In Features

  • Log In runs standalone, peer-to-peer PCs, and network using Microsoft Windows OS XP through Win7 and NT - Win2008 Server.

  • Track visits by course with/without activities

  • Track multiple courses in the same lab

  • Track multiple courses for each participant
  • Report visit totals by term, lab, course, day and participant

  • Visit rule settings (max visits, minimum visit time, etc.) on course-by-course basis

  • Categorize participants using up to four levels of categories with user-defined descriptions

  • Adjust a participant's visit total by any amount with one visit adjustment record

  • Access all historical records in one Log In database starting from its installation date
  • (no limit on number of participants or visit records)

  • Import participant biographical data, enrollment records, and course master records

  • Carry over participant biographical data from term to term

  • Export report data into other formats (ASCII, tab/comma delimited, Excel, Lotus, RTF)

  • Report filters for selecting desired data (by course, participant category, etc.)

System Requirements

  • PC with adequate memory and disk space running WindowsXP - Win7
  • Pentium processor, 1 GB RAM minimum
  • Minimum 1 GB hard disk space
  • Network compatible NT4 through Win2008 Server
  • Color monitor
  • Graphics printer
  • Bar code reader - optional - keyboard wedge or USB connection.

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