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Version 5.9.7 Upgrade

Version 5.9.7 can be downloaded from and installed by customers running version 5.7 + of Log In, CenterFit, and FICIS who have an active support contract for the current fiscal year. Do not apply this upgrade for versions below 5.7.  Instead, call 815-436-7095 for customized information and online assistance for upgrade procedures.

Click the links to the right to obtain documents Download the Version 5.9.7
Upgrade document

Obtain the User Guide

Read the Version 5.9 Upgrade document, then complete this form in order to download the Version 5.9.7 upgrade.

Site License:

(Example: LI-400-999999-02)
Site Name:


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Note: If you enter your license number incorrectly the first time, it is best to use the “Clear this form” button and start over, rather than attempt to correct the existing entry.


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