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Features and Benefits

CenterFit™ is Windows OS networkable software designed to automate attendance tracking, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, fitness improvement analysis and center management information processing.

Some of the specific features of CenterFit™ and resultant benefits:

  1. Long-term tracking of fitness tests scores for each student. (Body Mass Index, Strength tests, etc.)

    • Track individual participant�s fitness improvement for any time period
    • Compare individual participant�s fitness results to national norms
    • Compare overall center average scores to national norms
    • Compare center to center averages
    • Compare fitness improvement in different programs, i.e. 2 days versus 3 days a week

  2. Front desk log in capability for attendance tracking

    • Maintain detailed reports on center usage by the hour, day, term
    • Provide detailed class attendance tracking
    • Correlate attendance and center use to fitness improvement

  3. Categorize center participants

    • Differentiate student users from faculty, community, park district, corporate, etc.
    • Provide fitness improvement statistics for any category
    • Break down center usage statistics by type of user
    • Maintain special memberships - annual, monthly, for-fee, etc.

  4. Software is networkable

    • Access participant data from several locations (computers) simultaneously
    • Faculty can access data from their office during consultations with students
    • Data can be shared by and collected from multiple schools

  5. Program Validation

    • Use the software to maintain, synthesize and analyze fitness test results and attendance provides indisputable validation of your program to a degree that could not be done manually.
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