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Log In

Log In is a PC-based attendance and activity tracking system for any type of open-entry/open exit class or lab environment. Labs such as Academic Skills, Reading, Language, ESL, Disabled Student Services, Tutoring, Math, English, Fitness Centers, and Educational Computing, use Log In everyday to track visits and attendance.

Participants who use the lab key-in or scanner-swipe their IDs at the Log In computer when they enter and exit the facility. Log In tracks their attendance and provides reports such as:

  • Class Lists with Participant Visit Totals

  • Individual Participant Visit History

  • Visit and Time Totals for All Participants

  • Participant Demographics

  • Visit Total by Activity

  • Final Grades (calculated by Log In when based on visit or time totals)
  • Hourly and Daily Use Statistics by Lab or Course

  • All Visits on a Selected Date

  • Mailing Labels

  • Positive Attendance Report

  • List of Participants Currently in the Lab

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  • Fitness assessment and exercise prescription software.
  • Comprehensive lists of selections for exercises, equipment, norms, and tests.
  • Custom design workout programs for individuals or groups.
  • Tracks pre-test and post-test data for reporting individual and group comparisons.
  • Comprehensive reporting features, including workout prescriptions, membership letters, activity and usage reports.

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  • Combination of the features of Log In and FICIS in one system.
  • Requires networked check-in computer and Admin computer.

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