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Demo Installation Instructions

  1. When you click the download icon, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Make sure that the line "Save this file to disk" is checked, then click "OK".

Illustration of Step 1

  1. Download the file into a folder on your computer's hard drive. In this example, we will download it into a folder named "Temp." Click the "Save" button to start the download. The demo file is about 15.0 MB in size, so the download could take quite a long time if you are using a standard telephone connection.

Illustration of Step 2

  1. Using "My Computer", locate the file named "Setup.EXE" and double-click it. This will start the installation process. The program will be installed in a new folder it creates on your hard drive.

Illustration of Step 6

  1. Close any other programs that are running, then click the "Next" button on this screen to continue.

Illustration of Step 7

  1. You will be prompted for the letter of the drive where you want the files to be installed. Most users will select C:, but you may choose another one by using the drop-down list. Once you have selected your drive, click the "OK" button.

Illustration of Step 8

  1. You will be prompted for a license number. If you are installig the Log In Demo, the license number is LI-DEMO. For CenterFit™, the license number is CF-DEMO. The FICIS license number is FI-DEMO. Once you have entered the license number, click the OK button. The installation process may take a few minutes.

Illustration of Step 9

  1. After installation, click the "Start" button, then choose "Programs", then "Red Canyon", then select the name of the program you wish to try.

Illustration of Step 10

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