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Student Attendance & Assessment Programs

Log In, CenterFit, & FICIS provide comprehensive databases, offering student attendance tracking and reporting for all facilities.  Programs operate under PC and network server operating environments - WinXP - Win7 workstations.  Networks: Server 2003 - 2008, Virtual, and Novell.

Attendance tracking program features:
  • Assists in contact hour & positive attendance tracking
  • Calculates grades based on visits and/or time
  • Offers user-defined visit rules for term, lab, course
  • Tracks visits by lab, term, course, activity, participant category
  • Allows multiple labs networked within one database
Fitness assessment program features:
  • Fitness assessment and comparison
  • Customized workout programs
  • Comprehensive lists of equipment, tests, exercises, risks, goals
  • Built-in norms
  • Includes Log In attendance tracking module
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